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Collab × Alix Waline

In 2015, Alix and Sabatina initiated a collaboration based on the resonances of their respective universes.

Their approaches converge in the priority given to experimentation, the attention paid to materials, the use of the tactile sense to create the visual object and the modeling of space by different approaches which are their signature - pixelation by the embroidery or by the superposition of clouds of stitches creating relief effects, the work of different materials, the call to the random and the accidental as engines of creation ...

Sabatina draws from the sources of traditions that she renews. The vibrato of his creation is the powerful, deep, incompressible tempo of the living - gestation, seasonal rhythms, heartbeat at rest. Alix enriches this universe by bringing to it her own rhythm - more animated, overflowing, instinctual. Between them, the dialogue is wordless. The unexpected that each proposes is for the other inspiration and necessity.

Text by Virginie Gomez, 2020

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