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Reveal The Unseen

Reveal the Unseen

 A film by Marie Benoit based on a work by Sabatina Leccia.

Music: Jim Perkins.


"Visualizing movement, changes of scale, different viewing angles, that’s what defines this project. My artistic exploration around the work of Sabatina Leccia led me to an infinite aquatic world, like apnea, I felt a sensation of weightlessness that I wanted to transcribe in the image. I wanted to transform each detail into living entities using 3D. Each perforation in the paper became for me a multitude of bronchioles that aspire to expand, retract and breathe. Each piece, impregnated with ink, has transformed into corals. I was immersed in the heart of an organic system. My artistic approach has been resolutely experimental. I felt the need to bring his work to life, not to leave it frozen in space. Filming each element, like an entity, a body in movement, has become my deep desire. In his work, I discerned the presence of organisms like a vibrant cellular structure. This macro dive leads us to change angle of view and scale, thus offering a personal interpretation, without being directed or locked into an established pattern of thoughts. The emotion that Sabatina Leccia's works arouse is immediate and seems alive. These films are an invitation to embark on this journey beyond the limits that reality imposes on us, a free-diving crossing where shapes transform and colors dance. A dive into an organic world and a universe that transports us to the imagination."

Marie Benoit

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