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Académie Française Project

From June to September 2019, I participated to the realization of the embroidered costume of Barbara Cassin, french philosopher and philologist, ninth woman to enter to the prestigious « Académie Française ».

The cotusme has been designed by Guillaume Henry, artistic director of PATOU.

560 hours of embroideries have been necessary to complete the piece.

The olive branches and the main colors (green/gold) have been defined by the French Academy. But, hopefully, we could change a little bit the draw of the follage and the green and gold tones.

The idea behind, was to design delicate branches which give the impression of being in movement and the colors had to reflect the corsican olive branches, because Barbara Cassin is very attached to this island.

For the embroidery I work in collaboration with Ashita, Indian embroider and Marina, Colombian embroider, both from the association La Fabrique Nomade, and Baqué-Molinié studio.

This project was an amazing human experience.

This costume has been made by the hands of three continents ( America, Europe and Asia). In my opinion, it has been an opportunity to meet others cultures and embroidery techniques from other countries. The result is an unique costume which is impregnated by all these different cultures.

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