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La Fabrique Nomade

In 2017,I have been selected by La Fabrique Nomade, to work during 2 months with Ablaye, a Senegalese Cornely embroiderer.

The aim of the association, La Fabrique Nomade, is to allow craftsmen migrants in difficulty to live off their skills in France.A collection of hand made products has been produced by each pair composed of a French artist/designer and a migrant. The money from the sales of the products will allow the construction of a workshop for the migrants.

During the collaboration, I learn a new technique with the Cornely machine and I learn another way of seing embroidery and as well the Senegalese culture that I didn’t know.

I really appreciate the human aspect of this project.


From our exchange with Ablaye, is born a collection of cushion which symbolize the mixture between our two cultures and our two different ways of seing embroidery. We gave Wolof names to our pieces : Asamaan which means “sky” in Wolof and Toor-Toor which means “flower” in Wolof.

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