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Poetic Plastic

Poetic Plastic is a project that I developed during my Art Residency in Tartu, Estonia. The theme was sustainability and recycling, thus I was set out to give a second life to an object destined for destruction: the plastic bag. As a symbol of consumption (and overconsumption), it embodies an utilitarian relationship with the world, and it is precisely this relationship that I wanted to question.

By using embroidery as a technique on the plastic bags, I placed the object in a different time frame, that of slow contemplation. By doing this, I brought together the ephemeral/perishable and the eternal, creating a meeting space between the plastic and the perennial beauty. This two-way perspective is the basis for my work that invite you to daydream. The final exhibition is an aerial installation of the finished works. All of the bags exhibited have been embroidered slowly by myself.

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