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The rustle between the walls.

this projet made in collaboration with the French photographer Clara Chichin won the TRANSVERSE award in November 2022 ( with the support of ADAGP and Freelens association).
This project also obtained the support of DRAC île De France.

The rustle between the walls, is an artistic project about the site of "Les Murs à Pêches" located in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis), an island of nature in the middle of a dense urban fabric. Based on shots and prints made by Clara Chichin and "enhanced" by Sabatina Leccia, the artists will deliver a personal, sensory and intimate rendition of this garden.

In November 2024, during the Polycopies festival, a book about this project made in collaboration with Sun/Sun edition will be presented.

Here a text by MAX KAARIO, art critic at DRAC Île de FRANCE : text



@ Clara Chichin & Sabatina Leccia


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